About us

Who we are?

Magic Ads is the first agency in Romania that provides full services specialized in virtual advertising and product placement for television and cinematography.

Our name is Magic Ads because the virtual advertising appears over there, but in fact it is not! The viewers see an ice-cold bottle of beer on the football pitch, but the spectators in the stands do not…How is this trick possible? With the help of digital magic! That is why we are Magic Ads!

We have an experienced team in producing stunning 3D graphics and animations in HD, which will bring advertisers more return on investment. Our spots will be noticed immediately by viewers, who will then remember them with pleasure.

Our mission is to generate revenue from new sources for TV stations, TV rights holders (shows, sports broadcasters) and movie producers and to provide latest generation, innovative and high impact advertising services for advertising agencies and brand owners.

Magic Ads is a product of Campion Sports&Media.