Magic Ads provides turn-key virtual advertising and virtual product placement services for advertising agencies, TV stations (live broadcasts or post –production) and movie producers (soap operas, sitcoms, films, etc).

Also, Magic Ads can produce and implement virtual graphics for informative purposes or to embellish newscasts, weather forecasts, sports newscasts and other programs.

We can provide digital branding services, virtual advertising and virtual product placement for agencies, producers or rights owners or as strategic partner for TV stations, offering them new possibilities to sell ad space on currently running TV shows or on shows that are rerun.

For independent advertisers, we can work as a full service agency specialized in virtual advertising and product placement campaigns.

Our main services are:

  • Design and storyboard for virtual graphic effects
  • Production of TV spots and 3D animations which will be inserted within TV programs.
  • Implementation of virtual insertions done by specialized operators.
  • Associated production at the TV station where the advertising campaign is running
  • Strategy development, planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating virtual advertising campaigns.
  • Buying media space for customers.