Virtual Advertising

What is virtual advertising?

Virtual advertising represents a digital insert within a TV image of an advertising logo or 3D animation (graphics), so that the resulting image appears seamless to viewers. ...

In Romania, virtual advertising was defined and regulated in:

• Audiovisual Law no. 504

• Decision no. 220 of the Regulatory Code of Audiovisual Content

According to the National Audiovisual Council (CNA), virtual advertising is the TV advertising broadcasting technique which consists of image processing, in the case of broadcasting different transmissions of events, by replacing the billboards displayed where these events take place with advertising messages introduced by the broadcaster or with overlapping new images with such messages in any area of the broadcasted image.

Virtual advertising is an unconventional promotion / communication technique and represents the alternative to conventional TV commercials.

Virtual advertising is a powerful tool to boost sales that can be used in live broadcasting, for sports and entertainment events or post-production in any program, show, soap opera, sitcom, movie, etc.

PP Services & Products

Virtual advertising is well suited to sporting events broadcasted live: soccer, handball, basketball, tennis, etc. ...

Virtual ads are immediately noticed. They practically stand out in comparison to the classic animated spots on the LED systems surrounding the pitch, that have become real “ads cemeteries”, because nobody notices them anymore.

Virtual advertising can be used both in production and in live broadcasts, as well as in the matches received via satellite and relayed in an area (downstream).

For football, the use of virtual advertising is governed by FIFA.

Recent research, mentioned in an article in the prestigious journal “The Economist”, showed that virtual advertisements inserted at football matches are more effective than the banners from the sidelines (perimeter advertising) and even more effective than the logos printed on the players’ equipment by the main sponsor that pays hundreds or even millions of Euros.

Magic Ads’ products for football matches are:

3D Magic Circle– the insertion of an animation in the circle in the center of the pitch / duration: 15 seconds before the players enter the pitch for the start of each half.

3D Magic Carpets – inserting a banner to the left and / or right of the goal post  in between the goal line and the first row of advertising banners / duration: display throughout the entire match – 90 minutes; visibility on the goal scoring opportunities.

Magic Logo – the insertion of the logo on the pitch surface / duration: 10 seconds after the players leave the pitch, at the end of each half.

How does it work?

Virtual graphics insertion (implementing of the virtual advertising, named VA) is made by image processing using powerful computers and specialized software. Magic Ads owns the necessary technology for implementing virtual advertising services and can provide a “turnkey” service. ...

Magic Ads uses equipment and software made by the Swedish company Hego, a prestigious provider of virtual graphics solutions for the TV industry. The equipment used by Magic Ads and made by Hego, called AKI Virtual Placement, is by far the most advanced and powerful tool dedicated to virtual advertising on the market, for live or assembled broadcasts (post-production).

AKI Virtual Placement is based only on image processing and it does not need any sensors or specials heads for TV cameras. It is easy to use and the calibration can be made very quickly, the only elements needed being the video signal and the reference signal. The system recognizes the camera movements (zooming, panning, travelling) and allows the operator to insert with accuracy the virtual graphics showing the product.

The following elements can be virtually placed in the studio or on the pitch: products, animations, logos, messages, etc. The possibilities of creating real time video effects are almost limitless: integrated graphics within a TV frame, warping and distortions.

Advantages of virtual advertising

High impact and visibility!...

Your brand, product or advertising animation can be inserted live right in the thick of the event. The graphics show will catch and keep the attention of the viewers, who will breathelessly watch these “special effects” on the TV screen. This amazing high quality show will generate positive awareness among viewers.

“Zapping” free!...

We have two reasons for saying this:

  • commercials are inserted during the programs, in the thick of the action, when viewers are emotionally involved and they do not want to miss anything! Basically they are trapped in front of the TV! So they will not change the channel because they are watching their favorite program and will not leave the TV, as is often the case during commercial breaks, when they go to visit… the refrigerator.
  • as we create true moments of show and “virtual” entertainment, the viewers will naturally enjoy it! They will certainly not want to miss such graphics “delight”.

Rating guaranteed! ...

Advertising inserts are made during popular programs and not during commercial breaks which viewers often skip! In addition, the inserts can be made at predetermined times, which means that the advertisers will benefit from the real rating of the show. This translates into the most efficient and competitive CPT in the industry!

Association with the program! ...

As part of the show, the brands or the products inserted will be easily associated with the TV program. This can even create the “purchase intent”, which is any advertiser’s target. So, virtual advertising really sells!

High reminder time! ...

Virtual ads remain in the viewer’s mind a long time after the end of the show. In addition, it will also be the topic of discussion after the broadcast:

“Mate! Have you seen that ice-cold bottle of beer that seemed to be coming out of the pitch last night? How did it appear there? Do you think John, who was at the game, saw it too? “

Flexibility and profitability! ...

The messages can be changed easily without excessive production costs, depending on the communication stage of the project (advertising campaign). Updates or adjustments can be made without great efforts and with much little effort than that for changing a regular TV commercial.

Excellent return on investment! ...

Virtual advertising works on guaranteed rating and generates a high level of recall among consumers, who will not hesitate to buy the product when they will see it in the supermarket. Not to mention the most accurate CPT of the media industry… Thus, here we have maximum profitability!

Low production cost for sporting events!...

Virtual advertising is implemented directly from the studio or from the OB van. Therefore, it is not necessary to send a technical crew and equipment to the stadium, as is the case if ads must be placed directly in the field.